An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer

The Forty Weeks program will:

  • Help all Your People Learn How To Daily Encounter The Lord Of Mercy

  • Help All Learn To Fruitfully Engage Regular Sacramental Reconciliation

  • Help all Your People Learn The Art Of Spiritual Discernment


We promise pastors and faith formation leaders they will find no other program like Forty Weeks with as high a spiritual impact and with as low a cost-programming impact as Forty Weeks participants.


Order 50 or more books at a 50% discount and receive two free copies of the Team Leader Guide Book and a free 10 disc DVD series (nearly a $70 value) to support your Forty Weeks participants. Buy the books at discount and sell them at a small margin to support your faith formation needs or have the parishioners purchase their own on Amazon.

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Make the Jubilee of Mercy a living reality this year and beyond by IGNITING the faith of your people with Ignatian programs built to last.


Watch our three minute video to see the power of Forty Weeks — The Only Evangelization Program You Will Ever Need:

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