An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer

Forty Weeks is an ideal way to respond to Pope Francis’ call for all believers to develop a closer personal relationship with Christ Jesus.


Twenty years ago, Fr. Bill Watson began focusing on the Ignatian Examen in his work to help more people pray daily, access the graces of frequent sacramental Reconciliation and engage spiritual discernment. After ten years of research, design and testing, he produced the Sacred Story Examen method which unlocks the spiritual dynamism of St. Ignatius’ classic prayer for people everywhere.

Sacred Story Institute’s publication Forty Weeks popularizes this Sacred Story Examen method and is designed as a spiritual opportunity that an individual or parish can engage annually. The program has been approved by Archbishop Sartain, the Institute’s Ecclesiastical adviser, and will be a wonderful complement to any other evangelization efforts or programs.

Priests, deacons, and adult faith formation directors have countless demands on their time. Forty Weeks is scalable to the needs and desires of the community and participants. It is specifically designed to require little overhead management effort, producing maximum effect with minimum effort to deepen the spiritual life of your people. It can be run as a self-guided process or in combination with prayer/reflection groups.

Forty Weeks is also an ideal way to respond to Pope Francis’ call for all believers to develop a closer personal relationship with Christ Jesus. A particularly powerful element of the Forty Weeks program invites participants to make a confession of their whole life (just as St. Ignatius did).

A free sixty page manual for offering the Forty Weeks course can be downloaded from our Members area (registration is free). We are constantly adding new materials, text and audio, to augment this new Ignatian resource for foundational evangelization. The resources of the entire Institute are in place to support the program’s ongoing refinement and advancement.

The Forty Weeks book comes in two different artistic covers, classical and contemporary, and is available in paperback and Kindle. The resources can also be freely accessed by signing in as a Members. Please see Publications for additional information and discounts on bulk orders of Forty Weeks.

For those interested in expanding the impact of the Forty Weeks program for their faith community, SSI offers Whole Life Survey© (WLS) renewal services.

May the Lord bless you in all of your evangelization efforts and bless your experience with Forty Weeks.

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