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Building a global research community for Third Millennium Evangelization

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Sacred Story Institute’s long-range goal is to develop research collaborations with Jesuit partners in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.

SSI understands the value of a global database for understanding both the differences and similarities of holistic spiritual growth in different cultures. By better understanding cultural context, we maximize the impact of our research for the Church. This will improve the quality of our programs on integral evangelization for people of every race, nationality and way of life.

A gift of $1 million will enable us to establish a partner research institute in another country to begin globalizing our research for effective, dynamic Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition.

If you are interested in helping us expand the scope of SSI’s international work for Third Millennium Evangelization, please use the contact form below for further details.

You can support this vital new global apostolate and all our mission projects for dynamic Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition by your tax-exempt gifts, via secure online donation or post.

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