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We are financed through financial donations, grants, and revenue from publications and programs. Please consider contributing to our 2018 Expanding Our Reach capital campaign.

Your tax-exempt gifts support this vital new apostolate and create effective, dynamic Missionary Discipleship Evangelization resources, harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition.

Sacred Story Institute is an approved 501c3 as a Private Charity with the IRS: EIN # 45-4382968. Gifts up to 50% of a donor’s AGI (adjusted gross income) are 100% tax deductible.

We will be pleased to mail tax-acknowledgment letters for all contributions sent to us via post. If you would like to make a matching gift through your workplace or another method, please include SSI’s EIN as listed above.

If you contribute via PayPal and would like a record for your taxes, please be sure your PayPal information includes your mailing address.

For additional information on donation opportunities, please visit the specific topic you are most interested in, as listed on the menu to your left. For questions on SSI’s fiscal stewardship, we encourage you to contact us.

Our Goals

Sacred Story Institute would like you to have the opportunity of supporting Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition. Information on our budget and fundraising goals can be found here. Suggested giving levels to support SSI Programs are stated below by their Ignatian titles. Gifts of all amounts are heartily welcomed!

Sacred Story Institute - Gift in Kind - Our Goals
CAMPION$30Support our work for one hour
FABER$725Support our work for one day
CLAVER$5000Support our work for one week
BELLARMINE$10,000Support our work for two weeks
ARRUPE$25,000Support our work for six weeks
GONZAGA$75,000Support building Sacred Stories project
XAVIER$100,000Support one SSI Examen Research Group
LOYOLA$250,000Support THE STORY project
MANRESA$500,000Support SSI Conscience Formation K-8
LA STORTA$1,000,000Support one SSI International partner

You can support this vital new apostolate and all our mission projects for effective, dynamic Third Millennium Evangelization harmonious with Catholic Faith and Tradition by your tax-exempt gifts, via secure online donation or post.