Sacred Story

Jesuit Podcast

Sacred Story Institute founder and president, Fr. William Watson, S.J., sits down with Jesuit priests throughout the world to discuss various topics of today with regard to current events, spirituality, vocations, and discernment.



Fr. Thomas P. Sherman, S.J.

Fr. Bill Watson, SJ, interviews Fr. Sherman, SJ, a Jesuit priest who teaches philosophy at the Gregorian University in Rome. Their conversation consists of three parts: 

Part 1     Fr. Sherman, SJ shares his experiences as a priest and teacher in Korea and Zimbabwe

Part 2      Fr. Sherman, SJ discusses the courses that he teaches at the Gregorian University, his thoughts on the current on theology and philosophy as they are taught currently in the United States, as well as his perspective on the state of philosophy formation in the US

Part 3     Fr. Sherman, SJ speaks on the differences between the theological approaches of both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, as well as his vocation story

Fr. João J. Vila-Chã, S.J.

Fr. Bill Watson, SJ sits down with Fr. João J. Vila-Chã, SJ, a Jesuit priest currently serving at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome as Professor of Social and Political Philosophy. Their interview consists of three parts:

Part 1
Fr. Bill and Fr. João discuss the production of his documentary, "Triumph of the Spirit - On the Christian Roots of Europe"; political division in the United States with the ANTIFA movement and Marxist ideologies and Fr. João's experience in his own country living in a time of political revolution;

Part 2
Fr. Bill and Fr. João discuss the topic of intersectionality and the role of technology in shaping the human person in light of the recent Congressional hearings on technology with Amazon, Apple, Google, and facebook;

Part 3
Fr. Bill and Fr. João discuss the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and also speak on the former Jesuit General, now Servant of God, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, and Fr. João's personal experience with Fr. Arrupe.

Fr. Colleen Dinladzer Nsame, S.J.

Fr. Bill Watson, SJ sits down with Fr. Colleen Dinladzer Nsame, SJ, a Jesuit priest from Cameroon, Africa. He is currently studying transformational spirituality at Seattle University. Fr. Bill and Fr. Colleen's conversation consists of three parts:

Part 1
Fr. Bill and Fr. Colleen discuss his experience growing up in Cameroon including some key points of its history

Part 2
Fr. Colleen shares his conversion story and experiences that he had as a young Jesuit that helped to form him into the priest he is today and what he hopes to do with his degree from Seattle University

Part 3
Fr. Bill and Fr. Colleen speak on the United States and its political realities including Fr. Colleen's thoughts and assessment on racism in the United States. Finally, Fr. Colleen shares the most powerful spiritual experience of his life and its impact

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