Sacred Story Youth©

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 in minutes a day, by incorporating Ignatian Meditation, Conscience Formation & Spiritual Discernment found in the Sacred Story Youth Program.

Developed over four years and tested with the assistance of primary school educators across the United States, the Sacred Story Youth© resources are designed for classroom and home use alike. The simple 8-minute lessons introduce the core of the Ignatian Examen as Sacred Story Prayer and help young people understand the need for a daily relationship with Christ.

  • Developed with primary school educators across the US
  • Para el aula, la educación en el hogar y el uso doméstico general
  • Simple lessons designed to:
      • Develop daily relationship with Jesus
      • Discover Jesus' love for you
      • Introduce the Ignatian Examen
      • Learn discernment for vocations
      • Take breaks from technology

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Over four years in development and tested with hundreds of students and teachers, Sacred Story Youth© (SSY) is a new program designed to teach the classic Ignatian Examination of Conscience in a new way to children in Pre-K to Eight Grade. It is intended for use by teachers, parents, youth ministers and anyone else who is interested in helping youth learn how to pray and understand spiritual discernment. The five movements of the Sacred Story Prayer (Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy and Eternity) are combined with various Commandments at each grade level to help youth learn both the content of their faith as well how to connect with God personally in prayer.


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