Kyle Landers


Born and raised in Indiana, Kyle is the office manager for Sacred Story Institute. He recently moved to the lovely city of Seattle. Kyle is also a hotel manager and has been doing so for almost 5 years, he earned his Bachelor of Finance and Hospitality Tourism Management from Purdue University.

Kyle enjoys helping others whenever he can. He believes that the best way to truly live a great life is to spread joy and hope. He has many hobbies which include activities such as hiking, playing sports, snowboarding, surfing, writing poetry, scuba diving and fishing; when he is not outside he is most likely in the house thinking of new creative business ideas or playing games online with his friends from home.

Back home Kyle was very active in his community church serving on the board of young decans as well as being part of the church choir. Kyle has been a faithful believer in God since he was a young child which Kyle says helps guide his moral compass.