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Sacred Story - An Ignatian Examen For the Third Millennium

An Ignatian Examen for the Third Millennium

How and why did St. Ignatius Loyola develop the Examen prayer? What is it supposed to accomplish for those who practice it? Why do people choose to forgo this discipline that has proved to be invaluable and essential to spiritual growth and the discernment of spirits over the centuries? What are the contemporary cultural crises confronting today’s would-be Examen practitioners provoking distrust, fear, or dismissive attitudes towards it? How can an Examen faithful to Ignatius original method be modernized to address the mindset of today’s Christians? This book in its three parts takes a new approach to answer these questions. It provides a new analysis on how Ignatius’ spiritual Examen disciplines were developed, the challenges inherent in practicing them, and a dynamic new reading of the Examen called Sacred Story. This book will give you the spiritual tools you need for a practical, daily prayer discipline that incorporates principles of spiritual discernment. It masters the difficult task of integrating spirituality and psychology creating an original, rigorous, brilliant and scholarly book the likes of which rarely come along once a decade.

Forty Weeks - An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer
Forty Weeks - An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer

An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer

Available now!

Also available in: Kindle format(Kindle contemporary or Kindle classical art editions) & Large-print format: Large-print contemporary or Large-print classical art editions

Forty Week: An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer is the parish version of the new Ignatian Examen as detailed in the book: Sacred Story—An Ignatian Examen for the Third Millennium. Designed as a parish spiritual renewal program/resource for pastors, parishioners, adult faith formation directors and RCIA programs, it also serves as a self-guided prayer experience for the individual user.

Forty Weeks will be a life-changing annual program to introduce congregation members to a heartfelt personal relationship with Jesus in daily prayer, spiritual discernment and a regular and fruitful practice of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. All in all, about twenty years’ worth of reflection, study, testing, feedback, and refinement have gone into this updated version of St. Ignatius’ powerful Examen prayer.

Forty Weeks is a perfect program of solid, classic spirituality updated for the third millennium to promote the new evangelization first described by Pope John Paul II early in his papacy, continued by Pope Benedict XVI and now strongly proclaimed by Pope Francis).

Forty Weeks - An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer

Forty Weeks:

9-Disc DVD Series for Reflection & Discussion

A powerful DVD series to enrich the Forty Weeks experience.

Fr Watson follows a community of 35 adults through the entire 40-week program in this dynamic series. You will hear real people, lay and clergy, with real issues speaking from their hearts about the desire to grow closer to Christ and the challenges and graces of walking this journey of faith. (Includes discussion questions for faith sharing groups or any community.

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Forty Weeks Leader’s Guide

Forty Weeks Leader’s Guide

Expanded guidelines and suggestions for Forty Weeks

We provide these resources to help you find the most fruitful avenues with Forty Weeks: An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer, in whatever ministries you guide or direct. The Forty Weeks book was designed to be a self-directed prayer journey that can be experienced by an individual Catholic or Christian seeking a more personal connection with Christ in daily life. Forty Weeks is also designed to be used in group settings for parish renewal, RCIA, Campus Ministry and other adult faith formation evangelization efforts in your Catholic or Christian communities.

The Whole-Life Confession - Four Weeks of Awakening to Mercy, Healing and Peace

The Whole Life Confession

The Whole-Life Confession is inspired by Ignatian Spirituality. This four-week method is adapted from the work Forty Weeks: An Ignatian Path to Christ. The confession method itself is inspired by the life confession St. Ignatius Loyola made early in his conversion journey.


Understanding the Spiritual World - A Ten Week Journey

Understanding the Spiritual World

NEW PUBLICATION – Available now!

Understanding the Spiritual World. On your ten-week journey in the spiritual world, you will be involved in daily exercises that will help you build your discernment ability and spiritual radar.

My Sacred Story Missal

My Sacred Story Missal

For the first time in over 50 years, the most beautiful Catholic Mass children’s missal is once again available.

Published in the US (1962) as The Frère Jacques Missal, Sacred Story Press is honored to reissue this classic with updated layout, text and new saints as My Sacred Story Missal. It is considered a classic in the annuals of children’s Mass books both for the sophistication of its theology and the exceptional art of Léopold Marboeuf (1916-2006). My Sacred Story Missal retains the complete set of color illustrations for the Ordinary of the Mass so your children can follow the unfolding mystery of our Faith. It also contains all the original Marboeuf color plates for the Ordinary of the Seasons and The Saints of the Church. My Sacred Story Missal is appropriate for children from the ages of four to eight.


Sacred Story Rosary - An Ignatian Way to Pray the Mysteries

Sacred Story Rosary:

An Ignatian Way to Pray the Mysteries

A new way to pray the Rosary that will support your other Sacred Story prayer disciplines.

“Twenty years of praying aided by hefty doses of graced inspiration have led me to a profoundly fruitful practice of this great prayer. I hope it helps you, too, find a new path to God’s graces through this most popular of Catholic/Christian devotional prayers.”
– Fr. Bill Watson SJ.

Available in Standard edition (black & white) and a Full Color Collector’s Edition.

Featuring original art by Sr. Mary Grace Thul, OP

Sacred Story Affirmations - Meditations on Discernment of Spirits

Sacred Story Affirmations

Meditations on Discernment of Spirits

Featuring a foreword by Bishop Michael Barber SJ of the Diocese of Oakland, we are pleased to present a new collection of reflections and meditations developed during our 2012 Forty Weeks beta project. Many participants wanted to read more about the discernment principles from the Affirmations and the five movements of Sacred Story Prayer: Creation, Presence, Memory, Mercy & Eternity. The reflections build on the Forty Weeks themes but stand alone as short contemplations as well.


Inviting God Into Your Life - A Practical Guide to Prayer

Inviting God Into Your Life

Second edition (paperback and Kindle format) featuring new introduction, foreword, and expanded prayer section

Gathered in this booklet is a sampling of the simplest but most effective pathways to connect with God in daily life. Most of the sections have been influenced by Fr. Watson’s retreat work with high school and college students, university faculty, and alumni. The rest of the booklet contains spiritual wisdom and advice that holds universal appeal to all age groups seeking growth in the Christian life. All of it is intended as a means to draw the reader deeper into God’s love. This divine love is offered every single moment of your life. It is most completely offered in the Eucharist.

Cuarenta Semanas: Un camino ignaciano hacia Cristo con la oración de mi relato sagrado
Cuarenta Semanas: Un camino ignaciano hacia Cristo con la oración de mi relato sagrado

Un Camino Ignaciano hacia Cristo Con La Oración De Mi Relato Sagrado

Cuarenta Semanas: Un camino ignaciano hacia Cristo con la oración de mi relato sagrado (edición de arte clásico) es la versión parroquial del nuevo examen ignaciano como se detalla en el libro: Historia Sagrada-Un examen ignaciano para el tercer milenio. Diseñado ser un programa / recurso parroquial de renovación espiritual para los pastores, feligreses, directores de formación de fe adultos y programas de RCIA, también sirve como una experiencia de oración autoguiada para el usuario individual.

Cuarenta Semanas será un programa anual que cambiará la vida y presentará a los miembros de la congregación una relación personal con Jesús en la oración diaria, el discernimiento espiritual y una práctica regular y abundante del Sacramento de la Reconciliación. En total, se han invertido alrededor de veinte años de reflexión, investigación, ensayos, y refinamiento de esta versión actualizada de la oración de Santo Ignacio.

Cuarenta Semanas es un programa de alta calidad e impacto que ofrece una base sólida de la espiritualidad clásica al mismo tiempo actualizado por el tercer milenio y la promoción de la nueva evangelización descrita por el Papa Juan Pablo II al principio de su papado, continuada por el Papa Benedicto XVI y ahora fuertemente proclamada por el Papa Francisco.

Tambien tenemos disponible la edición de arte contemporáneo de Cuarenta Semanas (imagen a la izquierda).

Historia Sagrada - El Rosario

Spanish Language Edition

Featuring original art by Arturo Araujo SJ

“El Rosario es una de las maneras más populares de rezar y reflexionar sobre la vida de Jesús y de María. Es una de las devociones más practicadas en la historia de la Iglesia Católica. Recuerde que el rezo del rosario, no es algo para “pasar” sino más bien es un ‘lugar para visitar’. – P. Bill Watson SJ

Also available in cost-efficient pocketbook format:
Sr. Mary Grace Thul OP art edition         Arturo Araujo SJ art edition


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