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Training youth in minutes a day to hear God's voice in their hearts

Sacred Story Youth

Recent studies on the attitudes and beliefs of today’s young adults reflect what observation reveals; that most youth today form their ideas of right and wrong from peers and a dominant culture that is increasingly indifferent to religious belief and relativistic in outlook. Ignatian Spirituality is uniquely suited for values formation.

Cultural Challenges and Opportunities

Pope Benedict characterized the challenges of modern culture as: “the confusion and multiplicity of messages, the speed of changes and situations, make particularly difficult for our contemporaries to put their lives in order and respond with joy to the call that the Lord makes to every one of us.” Pope Francis strongly proclaims that we need to share the joy of our faith with the world.

While each generation brings unique challenges for evangelization, there is also great opportunity. The good news is that most young adults rely on affective and emotional information from life experiences to form their judgments. They listen to their hearts.

The Ignatian Response

Ignatius’ spirituality and discernment techniques rely on affective information to help individuals understand the difference between right and wrong. We can train people to listen deeply to their hearts—their consciences—to distinguish the ideas and inspirations coming from the Lord of Life and those Ignatius describes as coming from the enemy of human nature.

  • To test curricular exercises that can effectively train our youth and young adults to listen to the affective data of their minds and hearts.
  • To test programs that can help educate youth and young adults to know the difference between thoughts, words and deeds that bring hope, peace and healing and those that leave one dry, dissatisfied and empty.
  • To research best-in-class curricular exercises that awaken the spiritual compass of our youth and young adults, pointing to God’s truth that is waiting to be discovered like the Scriptural “pearl of great price.”

Our research was funded in part by a grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

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