Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the “Members” link in the upper right. When the page loads that says “Oops! This Content is Members Only,” you will see a link in the middle of the page that says “Register”. Click that link to create a user account. Read and follow the instructions carefully when selecting your username and password in particular. Common solutions to registration and login challenges: 1) Check to make sure your password and username contain the necessary symbols and characters and are not similar to one another. 2) Clear the cookies from your browser history ahead of logging in if you were not successful the first time you tried. 3) When navigating away from the site, make sure to log out of your member account in order to avoid issues when returning for a future session. If you are still having difficulties, you are welcome to contact us with questions or concerns.
Please double-check your spam/trash folders to see if the confirmation email ended up there. If you cannot find it there, you may have mistyped your email address. Please try to register again – if you receive an error indicating that you have already registered, please contact us and we will investigate.
The best way to access the prayer materials is to begin on our homepage. Click on the “Members” link in the upper right. You can then log-in, and when you see the “Welcome!” page, click the link that says “40-week prayer materials.” You will then be taken to a page with all the prayer materials arranged by week.
The best way to ensure that you receive all emails from Sacred Story Institute is to add our email addresses to your email “contacts” or address book. Please add: and to your address book. We have also found that many people who have an “” email address have experienced difficulties receiving our emails – unfortunately, this is a problem with Comcast’s network and not something that we can address. If you are still having difficulties, or you believe there is an email that you missed, you are always welcome to contact us.