The Forty Weeks Program

Letters from Prison Program

Provides a powerful Ignatian spiritual resource for families with incarcerated members.

Can augment any local prison ministry faith formation program (RCIA/Retreats).

Will help inmates begin the healing process and find Christ a deep, personal encounter with Christ that is life-changing.

Can help parishes form prison pen-pal programs for your local institutions.

Will encourage and teach people to pray daily (Ignatian Examen) and receive Reconciliation frequently.

Available in English and Spanish.

Ministry Music from Paul Cardall’s Worth of Souls.

The Forty Weeks Program will help you:

Learn how to encounter the Lord of Mercy daily.

Fruitfully engage Sacramental Reconciliation regularly.

Learn how to encounter the Lord of Mercy daily.

Develop the art of spiritual discernment.


Serving Christ in the Incarcerated.

Forty Weeks ~ Letters from Prison, was a graced project. Ritchie Roman, a federal inmate wrote to Fr. Bill Watson seeking spiritual guidance. Fr. Bill made a compact with Ritchie that if he did the whole program and wrote letters each month, Fr. Bill would provide the spiritual guidance he sought IF Ritchie would allow the correspondence to be the basis for a new Forty Weeks version for the incarcerated. Use this program and see how you can deepen and intensive all your pastoral services to Christ for the incarcerated.
The Knights of Malta Prison Pen Pal Program for both The Federal and American associations of the Order have adopted Forty Weeks ~ Letters from Prison, as an official book for their ministry. The Catholic Mobilizing Network will list Forty Weeks ~ Letters from Prison as a major resource on their new website. Kolbe Prison Ministries in Texas is using the program as are numerous other prison ministries across the nation.

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