Secretary & Director

Dr. Christina Lynch

Associate Director of Holy Alliance Support Ministry / Psychologist Consultant

Dr. Christina Lynch graduated from Divine Mercy University (DMU) with the first
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (2005). In 2015, she was awarded the first
Distinguished Alumni Award.

From 2007-2020, Dr. Lynch served as Director of Psychological Services for St. John
Vianney Theological Seminary (SJV) in Denver, Colorado. During her tenure Dr.
Lynch served on the Admissions Board; created an integrative program of priestly
formation adapted in various seminaries around the country; and developed an
innovative pro-active approach to counseling, allowing seminarians freedom to take
responsibility for their human growth following the guidelines of the Ratio
Fundamentalis (#94). In addition, Dr. Lynch established a training program for
future psychologists who desire to serve the Church in seminary formation.

In 2009, she became a founding Board Member and a Past President (2013-2015)
of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association (CPA). As a Board Member and Secretary
of Sacred Story Institute (SSI), she serves as an Associate Researcher in Psychology
& Spirituality.

Dr. Lynch published the professional resource guides: Personality Disorders,
Millennials, Born Digital, and The Joy Workbook. These booklets are available on Dr.
Lynch’s website and serve as a useful resource for Bishops, priests, deacons,
seminarians and other administrators who serve in clergy. Dr. Lynch continues to
serve as an advisor and consultant to Bishops, Rectors and priests around the
country. Dr. Lynch and her husband Pat have been blessed to be married 32 years.