Forty Weeks

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The Forty Weeks program will:

  • Help all of your people learn how to encounter the Lord of Mercy daily.
  • Learn to fruitfully engage regular Sacramental Reconciliation.
  • Help all of your people learn the art of spiritual discernment.

We promise pastors and faith formation leaders they will find no other program with as high a spiritual impact and with as low a cost-programming impact as Forty Weeks.

Order 50 or more books at a 50% discount and receive two free copies of the Team Leader Guide Book and a free 10 disc DVD series (nearly a $70 value) to support your Forty Weeks participants. Buy the books at discount and sell them at a small margin to support your faith formation needs, or have parishioners purchase their own on Amazon.

Ignite the faith of your people with Ignatian programs built to last.

Video—Three-Minute Program Overview

Video—Full Program Program Overview

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