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Sacred Story Institute, an apostolate dedicated building holistic Ignatian formation tools, is publishing a first of its kind, study on the impact of trauma on faith belief and practice. Fr. Watson’s research revealed how trauma impacts individuals’ ability to explore the very areas in their lives where Jesus wants to bring healing and hope. This new study highlights the way trauma manifests in people, clarity on the potential causes, and many insights to help Church leadership, pastors, counsellors, medical professionals, chaplains and faith formation directors bring healing and hope to those most in need.

Meet the Founder, William Watson, S.J., D.Min.

Backed by his 40-plus years of successful Ignatian retreat program designs, Fr. Watson creates Christian formation programs that can stand the test of time. Fr. Watson has built all SSI programming on dynamic applications of Catholic and Ignatian theology and spirituality. Fr. William Watson’s research is informed by a life of study, spiritual direction, and Ignatian program development and also by research in neuroscience, medicine, and psychology. This “systems theory” approach makes all SSI courses and programs accessible and transformative for today’s Catholics & Christians.

Watch Fr. Bill Watson, SJ & Dr. Gabor Maté
Discuss Trauma & Faith
Media Requests

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Suggested Interview Questions
  • Can you share the origin Sacred Story Institute, and why you started it?
  • Why did you get interested in the issue of trauma and why did you commission the study?
  • In your opinion, what are some of the most startling and unique findings?
  • How do you hope this report will help pastors, caregivers and others who accompany people on their life’s journey?
  • Has Sacred Story Institute created any resources for school age children?